Intelligence (BI)

We help organizations to improve business processes and better manage key functions. Empower employees at all levels to make vital business decision efficiently. Efficiently and cost-effectively deliver information to customers, suppliers, and other external partners

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Database Management
Systems (DBMS)

The core of all IT services is a scalable and reliable database management system that stores all the information needed to fill your customers and colleagues ever-increasing demands.

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Enterprise Application
Integration (EAI)

Most companies in today’s complex environment share one severe problem: they can’t reach their most valuable asset – existing information. iWay Software’s pre-built connectors is a quick and cost-efficient way to integrate the systems that run your business.

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United Software Distributors Corporation represents several leading international ICT companies in the Pan-Baltic area.
With operations dating back to 1986, United Software Distributors offers solutions in database management, business intelligence and information delivery.

Our mission is to combine state of the art ICT solutions by leading providers with localized, high quality customer service.
The United Software Distributors team consists of top professionals who take pride in providing the customer with best-of-breed solutions along with superior customer service.

The cornerstone of the United Software Distributors philosophy is the phrase

“If we don’t take care of our customers, somebody else will.”


Our customers covers broadly various industries. We have good knowledge and strong experience of following industries.

Financial sector

Public sector

Services & Transportation

Communications & Media

Retail & Wholesale


SAP Information Builders