Business Management (BI)

Organizations both in the private and public sector are beginning to realize they need BI capability in order to tap the value of all the information resources available to them. Data from a wide range of sources must be transformed into useful and relevant information to raise enterprise IQ, and thereby become smarter, faster, and more profitable than the competition.

Critical information locked away in disparate enterprise systems must be made readily available, so the broadest base of users can easily view, print, distribute, analyze – and leverage it to effectively perform the most critical aspects of their jobs.

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS is a tool for accessing, disseminating, transforming, and integrating data from a multitude of resources: mainframes, enterprise applications, non-relational sources, and more. Accurate, reliable, and timely business information can be delivered to an unlimited number of users and user types, both inside and outside the organization.

In tandem with its iWay solutions, Information Builders is one of the few vendors with leading products in both the intelligence and integration categories and a native ability to put the two together to further customer goals for real-time BI, Web services, and intelligent business processes.


Our Business Intelligence solutions help organizations to:


  • Improve business processes and better manage key functions
  • Empower employees at all levels to make vital business decisions
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively deliver information to customers, suppliers, and other external partners
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