Data Base Management System (DBMS)

The core of all IT services is a scalable and reliable database management system (DBMS) that stores all the information needed to fill your customers and colleagues ever-increasing demands. DBMS come in different flavors since especially in data storage one-size solution doesn’t fit all.

Operational DBMS is the one you use every day: in stores, web services, financial management, collecting customer information i.e. running your daily business. These environments have something in common: if the service is not available, within few seconds or minutes your business will be badly hurt. That’s why SAP flagship DBMS product is designed for 24/7 operations with full capabilities to let you concentrate on your business without having to take headache of technical obstacles. Whether your business needs a database for 5 or 50000 users, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise adapts to your needs. In addition it is platform independent so you can pick your favorite hardware architecture ranging from Microsoft or Linux workstations to Unix servers and even to scalable clustering environments with fault tolerant and high availability extensions. The choice is yours! SAP DBMS has 30 years of history and thousands of users test it every day in several of the world’s demanding services like financial institutions in Wall Street, world-wide transportation companies, scientific institutions and naturally in World Wide Web.

When the operational data turns to information guiding your business development the DBMS needs to be able to solve different kind of requests.
Typically the need is to find from your customer base the most valuable customers or the customers that currently only create costs to you. How is the situation now, what was it two years ago? How is it developing? Or is it? Without specially designed DBMS that holds the historical data there is absolutely no way of developing your business based on facts and you’re only making good guesses. Historical data combined with easy-to-use end-user productivity tools can help you and that’s why SAP IQ is the DBMS for your data warehouse or data mart applications. Specially designed to analytical questions you don’t even know yet SAP IQ is lightning fast, easy to maintain DBMS that even stores all your historical data in less space than your operational DBMS. Innovative design and patented indexing structures shorten the response time from days to minutes and from hours to seconds – regardless of what is your current IT infrastructure.

Are you using tablets or mobile phones for your real business information? Resource constrained hardware can be used as part
of your daily business activities in much broader sense if you just pick the right applications and DBMS for it. SAP SQL Anywhere is light and extremely easy to use DBMS for your laptops and other mobile devices. Using breakthrough technology the mobile DBMS from SAP takes only as little as 100 K of memory in your mobile device but you can still keep all your relevant information with you wherever you are. When you want to get all the latest information – just push the button and your mobile device application is synchronized with your business data, let it be ERP, CRM, SCM or whatever acronym your company prefers.

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